Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Bluetooth Sports Smart watch

9 exercise patterns, scientific monitoring of each exercise state, to help you reasonable adjustment of exercise intensity.
Real-time heart rate monitoring throughout the day, accurately recording each heartbeat time.
Night scientific sleep monitoring, intelligent identification and recording of deep sleep, light sleep, awake state, let you know your sleep quality, help you adjust sleep habits.
Intelligent notification: when the phone calls or messages, it will remind you.
You lose track of time when you're busy at work, and it will remind you to get up and move and wake up your body in better state.
210mAh large-electric power, 14 days electric power-life, USB-charging.
IP68 waterproof design, allows you to use in rainy day or when wash your hands.
1.3inch wide color gamut high brightness screen, presents a delicate picture.
Lightweight design and TPU material band, comfortable to wear.
With the use of "Haylou Sport" APP, it can not onl
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Electric power-capacity: 210mAh
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